Timber Frame Design

Building Concepts

Post and Beam Design Process

There are so many beautiful ways to design a timber frame. We like to start with our clients’ ideas, make them work structurally, then add an elegance to the design – whether it is for simple and rustic beams or for a highly finished and embellished timber frame. Post and beam buildings are great due to their open concept interior designs, and timber trusses can span great distances at lofty heights likeĀ  ancient cathedrals.

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The design process is similar for most projects, here is how we do it:

  1. Start with our clients’ construction ideas.
  2. Draw preliminary pencil sketches for review and pricing.
  3. Create a 3d model that can be viewed from all directions.
  4. Run engineering to ensure structural stability.
  5. Receive final approval from our client.
  6. Draw detailed 2d shop drawings.
  7. Seal the shop drawings with a stamp from our structural engineering team.


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