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Leaders in Timber Frame Construction

Since 1987

Vermont Timber Works began in 1987 designing and building homes from start to finish as Friant & Kelleher Builders Inc. Since then we have become more and more specialized. Starting in the year 2000, we have focused on  timber framing and manufacturing post and beam frames exclusively as a timber frame contractor. As few of our employees are show to the right.

We still do residential work, but we also engineer and build timber frames for churches, hotels, barns, welcome centers, state parks, museums and summer camps. Much of our work is highly technical, either spanning distances of up to 80′ with heavy timber trusses, or in small buildings using graceful arches and curves for a highly finished look. All of our timber frames are handcrafted.

Everything we do is a team effort, and all of our employees are key in that effort every step of the way. The sales people act as the client’s liaisons, the estimator works with the engineer and designer, and the production team gets it done. Everyone has an open door policy, questions are asked and answered continuously to provide a seamless process and an elegant product.

We have stayed away from automation, allowing us to design unique timber frames to meet the individual architectural needs of each building we work on. Our timber frames are shipped as kits for the owner or our crew to assemble. Our buildings have wonderful interior designs with looks that range from rustic to elegant. Whether we are supplying rough hewn ceiling beams or a complete timber frame, we are a “hands on” company. All of our employees participate in various aspects of the process as a team, from design to fabrication and finally to erecting the finished timbers. As of January 2015, our factory has been completely solar, thanks to our new 56kw solar array.

Delivery Nationwide in the USA and Canada. Our frames can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Vermont Timber Works