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Vermont Timber Works began in 1987 as Friant & Kelleher Builders Inc. designing and building homes. Dan and Doug, the co-owners of the business, were three years out of college and had been working for different construction companies when they decided to join forces and go into business. One of their first timber projects was the Breed Estate.

The Breed Estate

The Fire 2019

On the evening of September 21, 2019, a fire broke out at Vermont Timber Works. While fire crews responded quickly, the building was determined to be unsalvageable. After surveying the extensive damage, and weighing our options, we decided to rebuild. We quickly relocated to a temporary workspace and began to plan how we were going to rebuild Vermont Timber Works. The building was complete in September 2020, almost a year to the date of the fire.

Rebuilding Vermont Timber Works

Our Workshop in Vermont

After the fire in 2019, we had to rebuild our entire facility including our workshop. Our new and improved workshop features a slightly larger footprint and a more organized layout.

Our New Workshop

Nonprofits We Support at Vermont Timber Works

Vermont Timber Works' charitable mission is supporting under-recognized non-profits like the Vermont Food Bank, The Upper Valley Haven, and The Bennington Coalition for the Homeless who work hard to help people in need for very little in return.



Over 25 years later, the business has grown and specialized. We now have a dedicated and talented team of 20 people. Much of our work is highly technical and everything we do is a team effort, and all of our employees are key in that effort every step of the way.

Meet The Team

Custom Timber Frames

Since 2000, Vermont Timber Works has been exclusively a timber frame contractor. We still do residential work, but we also engineer and build custom timber frames for churches, hotels, barns, welcome centers, state parks, ski lodges, schools, museums, summer camps, and more. Every timber frame we build is unique & particular to the client.

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Commitment To Quality

We believe in designing, engineering, and handcrafting quality structures that will stand strong for years. We have stayed away from automation, which allows us to do custom work. We like to hand-cut our beams, because hand-cuts offer the most control, allow for more design options, and keep great people doing great work in our shop.

Matchless Craftmanship

“VTW fit quickly and seamlessly within our tight-knit group of designers and builders. We all came to rely on their thoughtful problem solving and their matchless craftsmanship. The expertise VTW brought to the project was essential to the project’s success.” — Paul Cali, AIA

Solar Powered Shop

As of 2015, all the power in our shop comes completely from the sun thanks to our new 56kw solar array. So far we produce more power than we use, which we're pretty excited about!

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