Timber Frame Videos

By Vermont Timber Works

Here at Vermont Timber Works we specialize in post & beam and timber frame construction, and there is certainly a lot that goes into the process. If you are interested in timber framing, because you are thinking of starting your own timber frame project, or simply because you like the craft, the videos below will be fun for you to watch!

Timber Truss Erection for the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel

See the heavy timber trusses for Saint Michael the Archangel going up in time lapse video. There is a lot going on – trusses being raised, ground crews working, lifts moving around, and the sun casting shadows. Watch the video a few times to catch it all!

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Rebuilding VTW

Watch a time-lapse video of the new Vermont Timber Works building being erected.

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Napa California Barn Raising

Watch an aerial time-lapse video of the Napa California Barn being raised.

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Solar Field Installation

We are very excited about out new solar field which is designed to produce all the electrical energy we use over the course of a year. Our timber frames are cut by the sun by skilled craftspeople using age old traditions. The solar system was designed and installed by Prudent Living.

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Blackwood Barn Raising

This is a time lapse video of a barn frame being raised from start to finish. In this video, you can see how a crane raises pre-assembled bents one-by-one as the Vermont Timber Works crew guides them into place.

The barn home is located in the heart of New England and, as you may be able to tell by looking into the video’s foreground, the frame was raised during late fall, just after peak of foliage. The barn features traditional joinery, a hammer beam truss design, and rough sawn timber.

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Heavy Timber Column Fabrication

In this video, you see a timber framer using a saw to cut out a mortise joint from a log column. The column is one of many that were used to construct a post and beam lodge for the Nemacolin Woodlands Ski Resort in Farmington, PA.

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Timber Frame Barns

Over the years, Vermont Timber Works has constructed timber frame barns to be used as stables, as homes, for storage, and even for parties. This video is a slideshow portfolio of some of our favorite barn frames.

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Rich Barn Raising

This is another time lapse video of a post and beam barn raising. Again, you can see how a crane raises pre-assembled bents while the timber framing crew guides them into place. After the bents are stabilized, the crane raises roof rafters which the timber framing crew also place.

The completed project is a post and beam barn that is used for equipment storage.

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Tools of the Trade

We use many different tools of the trade in the VTW shop. In this video, you can see saws and a mortising machine in action.

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Post & Beam Brochure Collection

This video is a slideshow portfolio of our brochure pictures, which can also be downloaded from our timber frame brochure page.

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Cutting a Mortise

We custom build all of our timber frames, which often have complicated mortise and tenon joinery. To cut the smaller mortise joints, we use a special mortising machine. This video shows one of our crew using the mortising machine.

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Timber Frame Barn Walk Through

Here is a virtual walk through of a timber frame barn with a monitor roof and cupola. This facility is used to manufacture natural personal products such as creams and balms. The main structural timbers are Douglas Fir and the secondary timbers are Eastern Hemlock.

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