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Exposed heavy timber beams and indoor pools are a natural pair. Vermont Timber Works has constructed beautiful timber trusses with, and without, steel joinery for both public swimming spaces and private residences. For outdoor pools, we have built unique post and beam pergolas.


With a Custom Shop

Every pool house we have built has been designed for the client it was built for. Let us build something custom for your indoor or outdoor pool.

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The Process

We make the process of designing your custom timber frame pool house simple and collaborative, working with you from concept, to design, to installation. Bring your ideas and inspiration, and together we will create a beautiful, handcrafted timber frame that meets your specific aesthetic tastes and practical needs.

This Pool Pavilion was designed for a residential community in Massachusetts and includes a lounge area with ample shade as well as a fireplace.

Smaller Pavilions or Pergolas can also be used to provide shade and shelter for Hot Tubs.

We can begin working with you on your custom Timber Frame pool house no matter where you are in your design process. However you imagine your timber frame, Vermont Timber Works will design your pool house to your exact specifications.

After we have discussed the concept for your timber frame pool house, we will begin the design process by drawing preliminary pencil sketches for review and pricing. Then we will create a 3D model of the building, our engineers will go over the plans to ensure structural stability, and we will share this with you for final approval. Once we have your approval, we will create detailed 2D shop drawings.

After a timber order is placed, raw beams are sent to us from the sawmill. All of our frames are laid out and cut by hand. All the joints are cut, the peg holes are drilled, and each timber is individually marked on the end according to its exact location in the frame. After being cut to size and specification, all the arches are sanded smooth. Then a stain or urethane is applied.

After fabricating the trusses, we assemble them and ship assembled if they are shorter than 10 feet. If they are higher, we will ship them unassembled. If we ship large trusses to a contractor, we will pre-assemble the trusses to ensure that all the joints fit properly before shipping the unassembled parts. If our crew is handling the installation then we will do the final fit on the job site.

Pool Houses Portfolio

Whether you have a clear picture of what you would like or are just starting to think about the possibilities, we will help you transform your indoor pool house or outdoor pool into what you have always wanted. Look at our project portfolio to see examples of pool houses we have built in the past.

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