Shenandoah State Park Visitors Center built with Native Hemlock Timber with Traditional and Steel Joinery.

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With interiors that are welcoming and warm, constructed of strong, beautiful wood with dramatic angles that draw the eye upward, post and beam timber frames are an attractive and pragmatic way to create a structural centerpiece to any park environment.


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We are valued for our versatility and vision, and will create any type of building that a park requires.

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The Process

Designing your timber frame structure for your park or outdoor area is simple and straightforward. We work with you and your organization from concept, to design, to installation. Tell us where your ideal structure will be located, how it will function, and what it will look like, and we will create a practical and inviting custom timber frame that enhances your Park’s scenery and functions in accordance with your needs.

Smaller pavilions, such as this 20×48 can make great backyard structures, rest areas for parks, and are excellent for private use.

This pavilion was built on the foundation of a historical site and was stained with a blue-gray stain to give an antique weathered appearance.

Larger pavilions like this 40×68 pavilion are ideal public structures for parks, camps, and nature retreats.

We want to help you create visitor centers that are spacious and welcoming, pergolas and pavilions for public gatherings, and picnic shelters for families and events. At Vermont Timber Works, we have years experience creating functional and beautiful outdoor structures meant to be enjoyed. We can help you create your perfect park structure that will exceed your expectations.

When designing park projects, we take care in creating harmony with the environment. Though serving an important utilitarian service, these structures must be aesthetically graceful, bring in light, and integrate the openness of the outdoors in a structure where people want to gather. We begin the design process by drawing preliminary sketches and then create a 3D model of your structure. Then 2D shop drawings are made for your final approval.

After you approve the drawings for your Park structure, raw wood is ordered from our supplier and delivered to our workshop. All of our frames are cut by hand by our experienced craftsmen to your structures custom size and specification. Then a stain is applied.

After fabricating the trusses, arches, or beams for your structure, we assemble them and ship assembled if they are shorter than 10 feet. If they are higher, we will ship them unassembled. If we ship large arches to a contractor, we will pre-assemble them to ensure that all the joints fit properly before shipping the unassembled parts. If our crew is handling the installation then we will do the final fit on site.

This page answers some of the most common questions we’re asked about Timber Frame Pavilions, Pergolas, and Outdoor Structures. If you have any questions about design, shipping, time frame, cost, etc, please look at this page for more information. And if you still have a question, you can ask us directly on the Contact Us page.

Parks & Pavilions Portfolio

Our portfolio of past projects illustrates the scope of solutions that we provide for a broad range of public park settings. Our projects span the country and include the Walt Whitman Historic Site in New York, Fort Harrison Park in Indiana, Fort Necessity in Pennsylvania, The D&R Canal in New Jersey, Sam’s Point Visitor’s Center in Upstate NY and Fontainbleu State Park in Louisiana.

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