Steel Connected

Commercial Trusses

Steel Connected Trusses

Steel Connected Trusses are often used in commercial timber frames. The steel adds an aesthetic to the truss that is reminiscent of old factory buildings and also offers additional structural support, which allows for trusses to carry heavier loads and span wider distances. Flat gusset plates can be used that are bolted onto each side of the truss, or custom steel boots can be fabricated for unique design conditions.

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Steel Plate and Timber Joinery Details

Steel Joinery in Stonington Commons La Grua Arts Center

Ski Lodge Steel Connected Heavy Timber Trusses

Heavy Timber Ring Trusses with a Steel Center Hub and Steel Joinery

Trusses with Decorative Steel Plates

Hemlock Timbers with Steel Joinery

Trusses with Connecting Plates and Tension Rods in the White Mountain Forest Headquarters

Trusses with steel connectors in the White Mountains Administration building

More Trusses
Trusses With Steel Joinery in the Oxford Casino

Oxford Casino porte cochère trusses with steel joinery

Timber Frame Trusses with steel connecting plates

Picnic pavilion with wide spanning trusses with steel plates

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