Timber Frame Brochures

We have several print brochures that can be downloaded from this page with information about specific trusses, and even a full brochure with in-depth information and plenty of photographs of VTW timber frames.

Take a look at the brochures, or just give us a call (802-886-1917) and tell us about your project. We would love to help with it. You will find our staff friendly, happy to spend time with you, and very informative.

Cover of The Art & Engineering of Building with Timbers


A nice coffee table book that features some of our favorite projects. It describes the design and engineering of timber framing. Purchase on Amazon

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Vermont Timber Works brochure hawthorn suites

VTW Brochure

The full Vermont Timber Works brochure features project photos, VTW’s history, truss designs, and information about pricing, engineering, tools, joinery, assembly, and wall & roof systems.

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Vermont Timber Works king post truss brigham hill barn

King Post Truss

A king post truss is a great economical truss. It is simple, elegant and very structurally efficient.

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Vermont Timber Works scissor truss baudo

Scissor Truss

A scissor truss is an elegant truss that looks great with steel joinery and can span wide distances.

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Vermont Timber Works hammer beam blackwood barn

Hammer Beam Truss

Hammer beam trusses have a beautiful, unique design that add wonderful detail to great rooms.

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Vermont Timber Works king post hostetter habib residence

Modified King Post Truss

Modified king post trusses are a slightly more expensive, but very pretty truss design.

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Vermont Timber Works queen post truss

Queen Post Truss

Queen post trusses, like scissor trusses, can span wide distances and have a beautiful design.

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