Rebuilding Vermont Timber Works

On the evening of September 21, 2019, a fire broke out at Vermont Timber Works. While fire crews responded quickly, the building was determined to be unsalvageable. After the fire, it was determined to have started accidentally in a dumpster near the building that contained sawdust, and that coupled with the warm and humid weather caused the contents of the dumpster to combust and then the fire jumped from the dumpster to the building.

After the fire, Vermont Timber Works was happy to receive the support and well wishes of our local community.

After surveying the extensive damage, and weighing our options, we decided to rebuild. We quickly relocated to a temporary workspace and began to plan how we were going to rebuild Vermont Timber Works.

After the fire was put out and the site was declared safe for work to begin, what was left of the building was demolished, and the remnants were taken away.

Then the water pipes for the new sprinkler system were laid, as well as the underground wires for electricity.

The building was prefabricated by LaValley Building Supply.

Official construction began in February of 2020.

The pandemic slowed us down, but luckily we were able to keep working safely and get back to building.

The building was complete in September 2020, almost a year to the date of the fire.

It’s been a different and difficult year at Vermont Timber Works, but we’re happy to say that we made it through and that it was all worth it.

Fire at Vermont Timber Works

The fire at the Vermont Timber Works workshop and office.


Salvaging what we could from the destroyed office.


An exterior dumpster was burned in the fire.

Bolts and steel connectors

Steel components were damaged in the fire.

Stain Cabinet

A cabinet of stains that was in the fire.


Destroyed shelving.

Interior Damage

The office interior was damaged by the fire.

Lifting the Trusses

The roof system being lifted by crane during the rebuild of Vermont Timber Works.

Getting Ready to Lift the Trusses

Vermont Timber Works under construction.

VTW Crew

Beams being added during winter construction.

VTW Walls Up

Walls going up during winter construction.

VTW Almost Completed

Even before the siding was put on, the timber framed entry way made our new building look impressive.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

To mark the occasion of moving into our new building, VTW held a small ribbon-cutting ceremony with only our staff and a local news crew. We hope to have a larger celebration with the community once the pandemic allows us to gather again.

VTW Ready To Move In

Our new building is very similair to our original building, however our new building features a more efficient design and layout as well as more storage and workspace.

Vermont Timber Works would like to thank everyone who helped us after the fire. This includes members of our community, local businesses, the local government.

Vermont Timber Works