Martha's Vineyard Timber Frame Barn

Osprey Horse Barn

Osprey Horse Barn Weathered Cedar Siding on Martha's Vineyard

This barn on Martha’s Vineyard combines traditional elements with high-end details to create a pleasant space for both horses and humans to enjoy. The exterior of the barn features weathered Cedar siding, a traditional material used for both Homes and Barns on Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod. The cedar is naturally resistant to salt air and water and can withstand seaside weather conditions.

The interior of the 36′ x 80′ custom post & beam horse barn features rough sawn heavy timber Hemlock beams in a simple, yet traditional design. Vermont Timber Works collaborated with Mark Hutker & Associates and Sara Doyle on this project.

All of our frames are handcrafted to meet exact project requirements and we enjoy working with our clients to make sure the details – from design to finish – are just right.

If you like this timber frame barn or have timber work questions, we invite you to get in contact or ask an expert!

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Wood Barn Interior

Timber Frame Horse Barn Being Built on Martha's Vineyard

Timber Frame Horse Barn

Timber Barn Under Construction

Barn Exterior Under Construction

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The timber frame design process involves a series of sketches and review with the client and their architect — including a 3D model of the frame — until there is an approved final design. With the final design, detailed 2D shop drawings are created and used to fabricate the frame.

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