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King Post Truss with arch

What are King Post Trusses?

King Post Roof Trusses are the most cost effective truss, and they look great when curved braces and webs are used.  They have one bottom chord, two top chords, a king post (a vertical central member) and optional webs that can be straight or curved. A king post truss solves many structural problems as well. Its bottom chord acts as a ‘tie’ for the room, holding the walls from spreading.

In the South, a king post roof truss may be able to span 36 feet with 16 foot spacing, where the same truss in a snow belt up north may only be able to span 24 feet with the same spacing. We size all of our truss members for the exact region where they are being installed and we provide detailed shop drawings with a structural engineer’s stamp.

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3D Model of a King Post Truss

King Post Trusses in a Timber Frame Home

King Post Trusses in the Robinson Residence with Multi-Colored Stained Wood

Beamed Ceiling with King Post Truss

Cost Effective Wood Trusses in Brigham Hill Barn

Heavy Timber King Post Trusses for the Vermont Teddy Bear Company

Heavy Timber King Post Trusses for the Vermont Teddy Bear Company

More Trusses
Timber Arched Trusses Assembled

Arched king post trusses

King Post Truss in the Westbrook Middle School in ME.

Douglas Fir King post trusses

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