Wood and Steel Trusses

Heavy Timber Trusses

While traditional joinery techniques used in Timber Framing are strong, sometimes steel connections are used to reinforce connections. Sometimes this is done in large structures when there’s a heavy wind or snow load, and other times steel is added purely for aesthetic reasons. The steel can be galvanized or powder coated in a variety of colors to change the look and style. All the steel connections we use at Vermont Timber Works are custom designed and engineered to fit the requirements and specifications of each project.

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Oak Timber Frame with Steel Tie Rods in Traditional Rich Barn

Oak trusses with steel ties

Trusses with Steel Plates at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

Wood and Steel Trusses

Dining Hall Wood and Steel Trusses for Camp Hayden

Wood Trusses with steel ties

More Trusses
Wood and Steel Tie Rods in a Timber Frame Cider Factory

Douglas fir trusses with steel ties

Timber Trusses with Steel Ties at the Spruce Peak Base Lodge in Stowe VT

Heavy timber girder trusses with steel

Douglas Fir wood trusses with tension rods

Hotel resort trusses with steel connecting rods

Glualam trusses with gaavanized steel

Glulam trusses with galvanized steel

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