Minocqua Residence

Elegant Timber Home

Timber Frame Residence in WI

The Minocqua Residence is in Northern Wisconsin. Vermont Timber Works provided the timber frame for this home while working closely with Schultz Building.

The timber frame for this home features Planed Douglas Fir and Arched King Post Trusses. The Arched Trusses provide the lofted ceiling and give the great room an open, expansive feeling.

This home incorporates traditional rustic elements and combines them with a modern elegance that makes for a truly impressive and unique timber frame home.

Incorporated into the design, are many sitting and entertaining areas. The large, high windows provide many of these areas with extraordinary views of the natural landscape that surrounds the home.                            Photographs courtesy of Schultz Building, Inc.

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Explore The Home – Interior

The King Post Trusses incorporated into this frame have a lovely arch that raises the ceiling and make the great room especially spectacular. The height that the Trusses provides also allows the use of many windows which allow a ton of natural light to brighten the room.

Interior of a Custom Timber Frame Residence in WI

Bar/Entertaining Area in the Great Room

Interior of a Custom Timber Frame Residence in WI

Lofted Sitting Area in the Great Room

Explore The Home - The Exterior

The exterior of the Minocqua Residence features many modern elements combined with traditional and incorporates a lot of stonework. The exterior of the home also features dormers for added windows and light, as well as exterior patios and balconies.

Exterior of a Custom Timber Frame Residence in WI

Exterior of the Home with patios and balconies.

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