Beautiful Timber Frames

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TimberFrame and Post & Beam Design

We work with builders, home owners, builders and their architects to design high quality custom timber frames and post & beam frames for individual house, home and commercial projects. We rarely cut the same frame twice, although we often build on ideas that our clients like from previous timber framing projects using decorative wood beams and sturdy structural timber. Our in-house structural engineer evaluates all our frames to make sure they meet all local and national building codes. Located in New England, we are experts in designing for heavy snow loads. We ship frames all over the country, including to the Florida and Louisiana coasts, giving us experience and expertise in designing timber frames for hurricane wind loads. As of January 2015, our factory has been powered by a solar array.

Information For Architects

We pride ourselves in working with architects to make their timberframing design ideas work. We don’t do cookie cutter frames. As heavytimber manufacturers, we enjoy aesthetic and structural challenges that unique post and beam projects bring. Best of all, we use real wood beams. Almost any floor plan will work for us – as long as we can make the structural engineering work. Architects can find timberframe details and specifications here.

Structural Design for Heavy Timber Projects

With 27 years of experience designing complex residential and commercial heavytimber projects, our company is an excellent resource for structural engineers looking for timber design solutions. Often we can help find simple solutions for complex design problems, and are happy to help. Many times, joints that appear to require steel gusset plates can be done with traditional timber joinery and hardwood pegs. Or, an architect, builder or owner will prefer metal plate connections, that we are happy to help design. Please give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Church, Chapel and Monastery Builder

We love to timberframe churches and have worked on many post and beam church and monastery projects over the years. Often, we can value engineer beautiful frames ranging from simple king post truss designs with curved knee braces to complex scissor truss or hammer beam designs for the most elegant sanctuaries.

Timber Horse Barns & Stables

Post and beam framing is perfect for the spans needed in horse barns and stables. Most barn designs are based on a 10’x12’ or 12’x12’ stall grid with a 10 foot or 12 foot center aisle. We have manufactured rustic timber frames out of native hemlock beams for country barns; and elegant horse stable frames out of smooth and highly finished Douglas fir wood beams. Hemlock and Douglas fir are the best choices for wood species as they are less prone to rotting and because the horses don’t like to curb on them (horses eat native white pine like candy).

Ceiling Beams for Interior Designs

More and more, interior home designers and builders are turning to wood beams to add special touches to their house design projects. Beams can be rough and rustic, have a French country look, blend into a southwestern adobe post & beam home, or fit perfectly into an elegant English manor home. An interior design doesn’t have to encompass an entire house or building. Often, we will fabricate custom trusses and ceiling beams for a single room, porch, entry or Porte Cochere. Sometimes an indoor swimming pool is perfect with vaulted wood ceiling beams above it, and sometimes a few posts and beams make a simple living room into a home’s ‘great room’.

Wood Finishes for Timber construction

We pride ourselves on finishing our timberframes with the right color stain or paint color for an individual project. We work hard to send out wood stained timber samples and match our clients’ desired finish. Of course, there are natural variations in all real wood beams, which is one of the beauties of timber design. With the right finish, the posts & beams can be made to look like they came straight from an antique New England barn.

natural Wood Ceiling Beams

Using real natural wood ceiling beams is a great and inexpensive way to dress up living rooms, dining rooms, entryways, foyers, great rooms and more. We are happy to supply wood accents for any house, home or project. Antique barn beams also look great. Why use faux wood beams when you can have the real wood?

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