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Can a Parallam Beam Span a Distance of 16′?

Asked by Bill on November 27, 2017

We’re planning to open a Kitchen/Dining demising wall and wanted to use exposed timber for detailing.  Contractor’s have suggested spanning the opening, aprox 16′ with a paralam beam. It would support a pony wall to the roof peak above.  Is it possible the timber beam could span this distance?

Answered by Caitlin

Hello Bill,

This is always a difficult question to answer without knowing more about the project (location, loading requirements, load paths, etc.). However, parallams and microlams are quiet strong, and come in a wide variety of depths and thicknesses (up to 18″ deep). With that being said, and only spanning 16′, you should definitely be able to find a size that work for you.

If you know the loads or structural requirements for the beam, a lot of engineered-wood companies publish their design values for mircolams, parallams, TJIs, etc.

Hope this helps.

Thank you,

Matthew McGinnis

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