Our Lady of the Mountains

Douglas Fir Beams

Our Lady Of The Mountains is a church in North Conway, NH. Vermont Timber Works constructed select structural douglas fir entry roof trusses and a timber porte cochere for church.

We worked with Richard M. Monahon, Jr., AIA architects, engineers Dufresne-Henry and Eckman Construction on this project.

All of our frames are handcrafted to meet exact project requirements, and we enjoy working with our clients to make sure the details – from design to finish – are just right.

If you like these roof trusses, or have timber work questions, we invite you to get in contact or ask an expert!

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Timber Porte Cochere

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The timber frame design process involves a series of sketches and review with the client and their architect — including a 3D model of the frame — until there is an approved final design. With the final design, detailed 2D shop drawings are created and used to fabricate the frame.

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