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I really like the Texas Barn, can it be bigger?

Asked by Jessie on September 09, 2013

I really like the Texas Barn.  I was looking at the plans and was thinking of a larger size and having a second floor, is this something that can be done?

Answered by Doug Friant

Yes, it is absolutely something that can be done. Please send us the size of the barn you would like to build and its location and we can work up a proposal.

We will have to take a look at a couple of things structurally. First, we would need to make some of the beam sizes larger to support the added floor loads. Second, depending on the barn’s location, we may have to increase the sizes of the timbers in the roof for added snow and wind loads.


  1. Sharon Hickam says:

    I too love this barn and wanted to know if it could be bigger. I would like to have the bottom middle to be 24′ wide with no center post for top floor support. The side wall overhang I would like to be 12′ and then have the second floor totally floored out. How much would something like this cost me. I live in Monticello, Arkansas – we almost never have snow or any high winds to consider.

    • Doug Friant says:

      It absolutely can be bigger. The barn was built in Texas, which has similar loads as Arkansas, although our engineer will want to check the specific requirements of your town in the building code. Going 24 feet without a post for a floor system is a long way. It can be done, but the beams will need to be large and we will need to add braces and tension ties. Please contact [email protected] to discus the specifics and pricing. Thanks for your interest!

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