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Do you sell full barn plans?

Asked by Darrell on February 11, 2016

Do you sell full barn plans? I am interested in full plans with materials list for a 36 x 48 2-story gable barn with a full length open lean-to on each of the long sides. and a cupola.  I have attached a photo of a similar barn for reference.


Answered by Doug Friant

Hi Darrel,

I am sorry, we do not provide plans unless we are supplying the frame for the barn. If you are interested in a timber package, Derek is your contact for New Hampshire, and he will be happy to help you out.


Doug Friant

two story barn plan 36x48


  1. Jack Hutslar says:

    Hey VTW, I am a log home dealer and looking for an inexpensive 2nd floor attic truss that will allow three dormers on a 28×50 log home plan. Client is in Maine. Flat ceiling garage truss needed too is 24×30. Can you provide this. If so, approximate costs pease. Thanks … jack

  2. Ann Clark says:

    We are looking for a home design, master bedroom on 1st floor, and guest rooms with a bath upstairs.
    Hoping for a basement.

  3. richard smith says:

    I know you dont sell plans but why couldnt the walt whitman barn be converted to a two story wothout to much modification. Rick

    • Doug Friant says:

      One of the reasons we don’t sell plans is that all of our designs are specific to location. The Walt Whitman Barn was made for Long Island – it might not work in Stowe, Vermont due to snow loads, or in Panama City Florida due to wind loads. Another reason we don’t supply plans unless we are providing the frame is that we are so busy designing new timber frames, we just don’t have time to modify old plans. Cheers, Doug

  4. Arthur Bremer says:

    I live in South Carolina , do you have a rep. In this area?

    • Caitlin says:

      Hi Arthur,
      We do have a sales representative for South Carolina. If you give us a call 802-886-1917 and ask for Derek (Our SC Rep) we’ll be able to help you with whatever project you have in mind.

      Thank you!

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