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How Many Rows of Spacers are Needed?

Asked by Stoney on April 13, 2018
12′ rafters 24″ apart lean to roof. How many rows of spacers needed?
Answered by Caitlin
Barn Roof Rafters

Barn Roof Rafters

Hi Stoney, thank you for your question.

12’ is not a long length, you may be able to get by just relying on the sheathing if it is nailed properly to the top/compression face of the rafters. The amount of bracing is also dependent on the loads of the structure, which is based on your location and magnitude of the local loads. I cannot give you a direct answer, but a recommendation I’ve seen is to laterally brace every 6’, so for this instance you should be fine with a line of spacers down the middle of the 2xs.

Hope this helped,


Matthew McGinnis, EIT

Junior Timber Frame Engineer

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