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How Will Timber Work If I do Insulated Concrete Forms For The Walls?

Asked by Carl on February 22, 2017

We are currently trying to design a home and I really like the exposed timber look on the inside.  How will this work out if I do Insulated Concrete Forms for the walls.  Also, are there standard widths on the trusses that work better or are less expensive.  I was also wondering about the pieces for the inside like the ceiling above my first floor.  I can probably do standard floor joists over the basement.

Answered by Doug Friant

Dear Mr Crawford:

Sounds like you are working on a fun project. If you have are using insulated concrete forms for the walls, you might consider doing a hybrid frame with timber trusses for the roof.

There are lots of truss design choices: https://www.vermonttimberworks.com/our-work/timber-trusses/ . Most will work well with your concrete walls. Trusses tend to get more expensive as the spans get longer. For instance, a 24′ truss will be relatively inexpensive compared to a 40′ truss, but we are able to do both and can even go up to 60′.

I have copied Derek on this email as he will the point person for your project.

Best regards,


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