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Walt Whitman Barn

Asked by David on October 10, 2013

I’m interested in something along the lines of your Walt Whitman Barn.  It will eventually be used for a recording studio with a small living area.  I estimate around 800-1000 sq. feet of inside finished area with as small amount of an outside footprint as possible.  So I was interested in the post and beam concept for the open areas and the ability to section off as the need arises.

Country Barn Exterior

Country Barn Exterior

Answered by Mike McLaine
Second Floor Framing Plan

Walt Whitman Second Floor Framing Plan

We can certainly design your barn with the Walt Whitman Barn in mind.  Some thoughts for the design of your custom barn include these questions:

What will the footprint of the building be?

Will there be a loft?  How big will the loft be?

Will the sidewall height be the same?

The Walt Whitman Barn was hemlock; is this suitable for your barn as well?

Using a project that we have already done as a jumping off point is a great way to get your timber frame customized to exactly what you want.

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