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What Happens When My Timbers Are Delivered?

Asked by Anonymous on September 02, 2013

What happens when my timbers are delivered? Do I need to unload them? Are they wrapped? How do I protect them from rain and snow?

Answered by Doug Friant

When your timbers are delivered, they will come on an eighteen wheel tractor trailer, which is a big truck that will need room to get to the site and turn around to leave. If Vermont Timber Works is doing the installation, we will take care of unloading the timbers, covering them up and moving them to the right place to prepare for the raising.

If you are doing the installation, you will need to have a forklift to get them off of the truck and to the right place. It is important to keep them as clean as possible. On muddy sites, we will lay lumber wrap over the mud and put the timber packages on the lumber wrap.

The timbers are normally delivered with at least one coat of sealer on all sides, so they can be left exposed to the weather for a week or two without being damaged.


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