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What is a Modified King Post Truss, and How Does it Work?

Asked by Anonymous on September 02, 2013

timber-trusses-modified-king-post-galleryWhat is a modified king post truss, and how does it work structurally?

Answered by Doug Friant

A modified king post truss is like a standard king post truss, but the bottom chord is raised. The top chords of the truss actually bear on the building walls.


Raising the bottom chord moves the spreading forces up into the truss. Notice the added steel rods that connect the bottom chords to the top chords. That added force also introduces bending in the top chord, which means it has to be beefed up to resist the bending. Where a simple king post truss might have 8×10 top chords, a modified king post truss might need 8×14 or 8×16 top chords.




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