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Douglas fir–a versatile species

By Mike McLaine on September 19, 2014

Here at Vermont Timber Works we pride ourselves in being able to use any species of wood that is commercially available.  Douglas fir is one of the species we use, and is a great species for timber framing.

Douglas fir Logs

These trucks are heading to the mills over the Hills Creek in OR.

Douglas fir is available in several different finishes:  rough sawn, S4S (surfaced four sides), hand hewn (done the old-fashioned way with adze and slick in our shop), or glulaminated.  It lends itself well to many different stains:  polyurethane, colored wood stains, and exterior-rated stains.  It is available in large sizes (think 10×10’s, 12×12’s, 14×14’s, and larger) and in long lengths (52′ + is not unheard of).

Double Chord / Girder Trusses

Double Chords / Girder Trusses

Another good point about Douglas fir is its strength relative to engineering.  We engineer all of our timber frames, and Douglas fir packs a mighty punch when it comes to engineering world.

Arched Brace

Douglas fir timber frame on Martha’s Vineyard

Douglas fir is an all around versatile species.  Whether you are attracted to the beauty of the fiber, or the assurance of the heavy timbers overhead, tell us what your preference is.  We can make your dream a reality, whether it is Douglas fir, or another species.

As, always thanks for stopping by our timber framer’s blog! If you like this post, or have any timber questions, we encourage you to get in contact, ask an expert, or share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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