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Tools of the Timber Trade: 16″ Circular Saw

By Derek Folsom on July 02, 2015

Over the past couple weeks in our Tools of the  Timber Trade blog series, we have traveled to the Chain Mortise world, we walked down the Maebiki Oga saw trail, and we sauntered through chisel land.

Today we will navigate one of the big hitters; the 16″ circular saw, which is the big brother of the 7 1/4″ saw that most people have used, or at least are familiar with.

Beam saw used for timber framing.

Making a bevel cut with a large circular saw

The same way that conventional framing is much smaller than timber framing in size, the 7 1/4″ circular saw is much smaller than the 16″ circular saw that we use everyday on our timbers.

Power tools used in timber framing.

Cutting a brace for a post and beam project with a 16″ circular saw.

The properties of the 16″ circular saw are exactly the same as a smaller saw. Both saws make square and beveled cuts and both can be set to the desired depth. The 16″ is just much bigger and more powerful!

Beam saw for timber framing.

Making a Tenon cut with a 16″ circular saw for timber.

A lot of people will call a circular saw a “skill saw”, which is incorrect. Skil is a brand that makes circular saws. The Skil company refers to these saws as a Skil-Saw.  The more you know…


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  1. I would like to find out where I could buy the 16in circular saw, and other tools that are needed for working with timber. Thank you for your time and consideration. Thomas Vinson

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