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Weathered Beams

By Caitlin on March 15, 2018

Today we’ll take a more in-depth look at weathered beams, the process, the look, and some examples.

Weathering is an option you can choose for your timber that gives it an aged, antique look. The weathered beams generally look much older than they actually are and they give a space a historical, vintage feeling. Weathered beams look particularly striking when they’ve been hand hewn as well, as the rough texture of the finish creates visually interesting shadows and variations on the wood.


Hand Hewn, Weathered Oak Outdoor Picnic Shelter

Hand Hewn, Weathered Oak Outdoor Picnic Shelter


Weathering is an option for people who enjoy that rough, rustic look to their wood, or who were perhaps considering reclaimed wood because of its appearance, and either can’t justify the cost or the time to source the reclaimed wood.


We weather our timber by letting it lay in the field near our workshop for a few months. A combination of sun and rain does all the work while we just wait for nature to do its thing.


We can weather beams in our yard for use in indoor structures like great rooms, kitchens, and foyers. Or if you’re building an outdoor structure, and you don’t want to wait a few months for the wood to weather with us, we can provide you with new beams that will weather naturally over time and give you the same appearance. Look at this outdoor Pool house that was allowed to weather in the client’s backyard.


McCarthy Pool Pavilion Weathered Hemlock

Rough Sawn Hemlock Pergola that has Weathered over time and exposure to the elements.


Weathered beams are just one of the many options you can choose for your Timber Frame and are a great option to consider if you like the aged, vintage look of wood.

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