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What Is A Timber Frame?

By Caitlin on March 06, 2020

What is a Timber Frame and Why You Should Consider Building with One?


Brigham Hill Barn Interior with Rough Sawn Timber Trusses from Hemlock and White Pine

You’ve probably seen Timber Frames before and didn’t even know it. Often people have an image in their head of what they’re looking for before they have the name to describe it. When I try to describe timber framing to people who don’t know what timber framing is, I describe the large wood trusses that are typical in timber frames, especially the king post truss. Everyone has seen the king post truss before and can imagine that style of building, they just aren’t aware that’s it’s a king post truss and that it’s apart of the timber frame tradition. So, if you’ve come here looking for structures made of large heavy timber, with wood trusses and cathedral ceilings, you’re in the right place.


What Is A Timber Frame?

The Napa California Barn on the Paul Estate

Timber Framing is a traditional building method that utilizes traditional joinery connections and heavy timber to make strong and durable structures such as barns, homes, and other buildings. Timber Framing was the traditional way of building in Europe and Early America for many years but fell out of favor as technology and modern conveniences made building faster, cheaper, and requiring a less skilled workforce. Timber Framing has seen a resurgence in popularity since the early ’70s, and now it is a customizable and high-end building method that makes for beautiful, rustic buildings.


Why Timber Frames Are Great

Timber Frames make for beautiful and strong homes, barns, pool houses, pergolas, etc. They’re such versatile structures, but they always look and feel traditional and impressive because of the trusses that are used.


Why You Should Consider Building With A Timber Frame

Timber Frames are more expensive than conventional frames, but Timber Frames represent an investment in your property and building. Timber Frames add significant value to a structure. They are very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing and can be designed to fit a variety of styles and design concepts. They will stand the test of time. Timber Frames are designed to last and can be passed down for generations. Timber Frames can be a green building method since wood is a renewable resource, wood traps carbon, and if built with SIP panels Timber Frame homes can be cheaper to heat than conventional homes.


Timber Frames are a high-end, elegant, strong, and durable building method that produces homes and barns that will stand the test of time. Comment below or email us at if you have any questions about a timber frame project.

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  1. It looks awesome! Especially when you see the progress of the work. Is these handcrafted timbers? Your work on the frame is great.

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