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A Visit to our Veterans Chapel

By Sandy Connolly on October 18, 2013

My family and I recently stopped in for a quick visit at the Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery. They say foliage is past it’s peak, but I can tell you it was still quite beautiful. The cemetery grounds are so well kept and the view down into the valley is breathtaking. Did you know that the Chapel is a timber frame? Well, now you know…and we built it! (So Proud)!



One of these days, I’m going to see the inside of this chapel first hand!  But for now, a few shots of the surroundings will have to do.


Vermont Veterans Memorial Chapel

This picture of the inside, I believe was taken by our very own Doug, and it’s a great shot.  The timber frame was designed and engineered so there would be room for glass doors to slide fully open.  Yes, the glass walls actually slide open!

A great idea and I do want to see that in person. See how the view overlooks the cemetery grounds?  It’s like the chapel watches over all of the resting.


Timber Frame Interior

Pretty Pretty Pretty!  This day has been wonderful. So happy to share these pictures with you.


Beautiful Day

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  1. Emery says:

    This was a beautiful day. We’ll need to call ahead and find out when the Chapel is open for our next visit.

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