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Can You Supply Hand Hewn Beams For My Antique Barn?

Asked by Stephen on November 26, 2014

I love your work … and just had a couple questions. For the most part, I have a frame design already and can send it in a pdf. It’s small .. and simple. My question is can my frame design be built with antique hand hewn or rough sewn beams and assembled …. disassembled and shipped with SIPs? I really like the old barns that are turned into houses and was looking for that aspect. Other than that … a red oak frame done the same way would be ok as well. Just curious … thanks for taking time out for me.

Answered by Doug Friant

Dear Stephen,

Yes, we can absolutely use antique wood to cut your frame. We test fit for all the frames we ship, regardless of the type of wood used. Antique beams

Hand Hewn Oak Timber

Hand Hewn Oak Timber

This timber was hand hewn for the Davis Residence in South Hampton, NY.

do require quite a bit of extra scribing and fitting, particularly if they are hand hewn. We can also arrange for a SIP company to cut panels to fit your frame.

Oak and red oak are nice choices for a rustic looking frame. Oak tends to check a lot, so it does look aged quickly. One option, if you have time, is to weather new wood in our yard for several months to give it an antique look, like in this barn.

I have forwarded your e-mail to Mike in our office who will be happy to help you further.

Have a great Thanksgiving,


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