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Is 2×4 Construction or Post & Beam Construction Better For My Project?

Asked by Mary on January 14, 2016

We are looking to build an 700-800sq ft. octagon home with a wraparound porch. Because we will use straw bale as infill for the walls is post and beam the way to go or should we consider 2×4 construction?

Answered by Doug Friant


2×4 might be good for the walls (I am not sure what the best details for straw bale construction are) but you should certainly consider timber framing the roof and using SIP’s  for the insulation panels.

You can have great big clear spans with octagons, like this church in Connecticut:https://www.vermonttimberworks.com/our-work/timber-frame-churches/chapel-for-holy-apostles/

or this base lodge in Stowe: https://www.vermonttimberworks.com/our-work/heavytimber-construction/ski-lodges/spruce-peak-base-lodge/ .

They work nicely for residential homes like yours too: https://www.vermonttimberworks.com/our-work/heavytimber-construction/pool-houses/indoor-pool-house-estate/ which feature a 20 foot octagon in one area.

post and beam octagon home q&a

Good luck with your project, and let us know if we can help further: [email protected]

Doug Friant


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