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Arched Church Beams for St. Andrew’s Church

By Doug Friant on April 12, 2013

Arched-Timber-Church-BeamsWe are just home from installing these beautiful arched beams for St. Andrews Church in Ridgefield, CT. We will have to go back and photograph this church once the construction  is complete.

Church-Arched-BeamsThe beams are a combination of douglas fir timber, glulam arches and steel connections.

Curved-Timber-BeamsHeavy timber adds a wonderful look to a church… or it will, once the aluminum foil insulation is covered up!

Timber-Cross-TrussHere is a view looking up at the cross in the church truss.

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Doug Friant

Co-owner of Vermont Timber Works, Inc. I believe in community service, serve on a local school board, and love living in Vermont. I have been designing and building beautiful timber frames since 1981.
  1. Such a cool project, can’t wait to see more pics!!

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