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Trusses inside the Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY

Basic Truss Styles

By Caitlin on January 05, 2018

The Truss is the heart of the timber frame and is functional as well as decorative. Our clients can choose […]

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Timber Truss Designs

Timber Truss Designs

By Sandy Connolly on May 19, 2015

Heavy timber trusses are absolutely meant to be seen, and in many cases, they are also holding up the roof! […]

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Decorative Timbers

Decorative Timbers

By Sandy Connolly on October 15, 2014

Decorative timbers added to a conventionally framed home can look amazing! Here are a few examples. Enjoy! Above, are double bottom […]

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Queen Post Truss Design

King & Queen Post Trusses

By Sandy Connolly on December 05, 2013

Hail to the King and Queen! 😉 The King Post Truss is straight forward and strong. A king post truss […]

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The Girder Truss at Vermont Timber Works Blog

Girder Truss Applications

By Sandy Connolly on November 27, 2013

In this post we wanted to talk a little bit more about the Girder Truss, when it’s typically used and […]

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Traditional Hammer Beam Bent

Hammer Beam Truss Designs

By Sandy Connolly on November 18, 2013

The traditional hammer beam truss design is open and fabulous.  However, structurally, it can be an engineering challenge, which is […]

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Scissor Truss Designs on the Vermont Timber Works Blog

Scissor Truss Designs

By Sandy Connolly on November 03, 2013

Beautiful, interesting and often requested by our clients, the scissor truss is a complex and dynamic truss design. While definitely […]

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Arched Church Beams for St. Andrew's Church

Arched Church Beams for St. Andrew’s Church

By Doug Friant on April 12, 2013

We are just home from installing these beautiful arched beams for St. Andrews Church in Ridgefield, CT. We will have […]

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Pavilion Oak Timber Trusses in Quebec

Pavilion Oak Timber Trusses in Quebec

By Doug Friant on March 28, 2013

These oak ceiling trusses were stained dark to the owner’s taste. They are in the great room of a pavilion […]

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