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By Sandy Connolly on November 14, 2013

As a proud member of the Vermont Timber Works blogging team, I thought I would take a moment to introduce the contributing members.

Meet Margaux!



She not only adds to the blog, she has been instrumental on our website design overall. Depending on how busy she is with the behind the scene web development, pinterest, houzz, facebook and miscellaneous design, she gets a chance to write posts of her own.  I think we keep her pretty busy!

Meet Mike!

Mike, timber framer and sales rep.

Mike Timber Framer and Sales Rep

Mike worked for many years on our Cut Crew. He is now part of our Office Crew! His knowledge of both sides is extremely helpful, especially when talking with clients. Mike also started Fri-day Tie-day, though, I’m not sure that has taken off?

Meet Sue!


Sue, Sales Rep

Sue brings color to everything she does, including her blog posts.  She is witty, interesting, fun, never boring and always leaves me with a smile. Sue joins Mike on the Sales Team.

Meet Jessie!



Jessie is our Vice President and also our Structural Engineer.  Although she doesn’t have much extra time for blog posts, every now and then she’ll throw one together, which we appreciate. My favorite one from her is about gravity….darn gravity!  Maybe we can resurrect that one?

Meet Sandy! (that’s me on the right)

Ricky and Sandy

Ricky and Sandy

I try to add a little bit of everything to the blog posts.  Some serious, some technical, hopefully always interesting, a learning aspect, & I like to keep posts fun.  I love timber framing and am happy to be part of the team! Ricky, do you remember how cold it was at the jobsite?  Brrrrr.

We appreciate our readers feedback, so please tell us what you think.  If you have an idea for a post, let us know!  As always, thank you for stopping by our timber framers’ blog!

About the Author

Sandy Connolly

Wife and Mother (twin girls ROCK), Horses are fun...beautiful kitchens make me smile :-) love timber framing!
  1. Doug Friant says:

    Great photos Sandy! Nice job

  2. Tom says:

    Always hiding from the camera is very hard when you’re around since it seems like it is an extension of your hand.

  3. Hi Sandy! Looks like you have a great team!

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