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Solar Powered Factory

Rebuilding Vermont Timber Works

By Caitlin on February 11, 2020

On Saturday evening, September 21st, 2019, Vermont Timber Works suffered a devastating fire. Even though fire crews battled the blaze for hours, the whole building and everything in it ended up being destroyed. It is believed the fire was started when rags soaked in stain and sawdust in a dumpster […]

Children Visit from St. Michael's

Students From St. Michael’s School Tour Our Timber Shop

By Margaux Friant on January 02, 2017

Students From St. Michael’s School Tour Our Timber Shop We recently teamed up with St. Michael’s school in CT to build a church timber frame. The frame is going to replace one that was originally built in 1861 that had an addition added to it in 1867. Unfortunately, the original […]

Fall foliage

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Sandy Connolly on November 24, 2014

It’s good to be thankful for all the wonderful things around you year round, but this time of year, especially, it’s fun to focus on specifics. So here are some things we’re thankful for at Vermont Timber Works! Pretty Landscaping & Flower Beds Once we start the pellet stove, we’ll […]

Timber Frame Fabrication Mortiser in work shop

Shout-Out To The VTW Crew!

By Sue Baldwin on November 14, 2013

One thing I admire about the crew I work with at Vermont Timber Works is the way they pay attention to the smallest details. Everyone here does their job with exceptional pride and care.  In this field, there is no room for error, and we are dedicated to making sure we […]

Blogging Team

Blogging Team

By Sandy Connolly on November 14, 2013

As a proud member of the Vermont Timber Works blogging team, I thought I would take a moment to introduce the contributing members. Meet Margaux! She not only adds to the blog, she has been instrumental on our website design overall. Depending on how busy she is with the behind […]

Hand Hewn Pine Beams in the Southern Vermont Welcome Center

Hewing Timbers

By Sandy Connolly on November 10, 2013

At Vermont Timber Works we hand hew timbers for antique, rustic looking beams. We use hand-held tools such as the adze and slick. The process is labor-intensive and time-consuming but creates a unique and beautiful effect on the timber that our clients love in their homes and other buildings. We […]

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