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Timber Details In An Adirondack Style Home

By Sandy Connolly on September 20, 2013

 This Adirondack style home is located on Lake Sunapee. The timber frame for this home has unique and subtle details.

Hello Lake Sunapee!

Photo by Bonin Architects

Adirondack Timber Frame Home

Adirondack Timber Frame Home | Photo by Bonin Architects

Ready? Let’s take a look inside.

Great shot of the kitchen!

Photo by Bonin Architects

 What caught my eye first are the center posts, because they frame in the kitchen space.  On the post closest, you can see how the chamfer doesn’t start until a good distance above the countertop, which is an interesting design detail.  The same chamfer stops a similar distance below the ceiling at the top of the post.

Another interesting detail are the joinery pegs, which are extended (love that). Also, this home has cherry corbels, which accent the douglas fir posts and beams.

A final unique detail are the ceiling beams that connect with the support beams. They have a curved cut. Mike is working on a similar cut in the picture shown below. He is cutting with a hand held band saw. We also have a stand alone band saw in the shop for bigger cuts.

Hand Held Band Saw

Hi Mike!

Timber Beam with Curve Detail

Curve at the Joint

Back outside we go, this house has such a pretty spot on the lake!

Adirondack Style Exterior of a Home with a Post & Beam Interior

Adirondack Style Exterior of a Home with a Post & Beam Interior | Photo by Bonin Architects

Bonin Architects + McGray & Nichols + Vermont Timber Works all worked together on this adirondack style home. It was a great collaboration!

If you like this project or have any questions, we encourage you to get in contact or share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Sandy Connolly

Wife and Mother (twin girls ROCK), Horses are fun...beautiful kitchens make me smile :-) love timber framing!
  1. I’m recognizing those cabinets! Wonderful project!

  2. Rodney Ness says:

    State of the art designs. Truly an art in the hands of professionals.

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