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Lakeside Timber Framing

By Mike McLaine on October 10, 2014

We recently erected a timber frame on a beautiful New Hampshire lake for a home completed by Dugas Builders, LLC of Brookfield, NH, the GC on the project.

The shop drawings clearly show what we are going to build:

Isometric View

Isometric View

Check out the cool roof complexity on this plan view:

Roof Plan

Roof Plan

When we got on site everything was prepped and ready for us–good job Jeff and crew!  Our raising crew having a meeting on site:

Raising Crew

Raising Crew

I love how we were able to solve one of the engineering issues for the loads by incorporating a steel I-beam into our timber frame.  That’s our design and engineering team–creative solutions!

Timber and Steel

Timber with steel for engineering requirements

Getting closer to finishing the timber frame home!

Gable end view

View from gable end

Timber frame is finished!

Frame complete

Frame complete

Dugas Builders took it from here, with the sheathing, roofing, siding, finish carpentry, etc.  Here’s a picture of the sheathing:

Rough Framing

Rough Framing

Here’s an image of the finished house from the lake.

Finished House

View from the lake

Here are a couple of nice pictures of the interior.

Dining Room

Intimate Dining Space

Large post and beam frame with ceiling beams in Wakefield, NH


Great job all around.  It was a pleasure to collaborate on this job with Dugas Builders.  Everything really turned out well.

If you like this timber frame home, or have any timber work questions, we encourage you to get in contact, ask an expert, or share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Awesome finished pictures Mike, love it!!

  2. Paul Cuenin says:

    Love that kitchen! It looks so warm and inviting. Would be a great house in the winter too.

  3. Nick Disselkamp says:

    Not so much a comment as a question. Solid wood posts and beams vs laminated post and beams?


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