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Scrolls, Finials, & Corbels

By Caitlin on August 17, 2018

Every Timber Frame Vermont Timber Works builds is a completely custom creation. This allows our clients to make sure that they get exactly what they’ve been picturing. Today I’d like to talk about some decorative accents you can incorporate into your frame that can help you further customize your timber frame and help you get the exact look and style that you’ve envisioned. And for even more information and pictures of Scrolls, Finials, and Corbels, check out our information page here.



Scrolls are the decorative end of a rafter or beam. Some- times you’ll see them on curved braces as well. Scrolls are a nice way to add a decorative element to an entryway or an overhang.


Finials are decorative wood ends that hang down from a Timber Truss. Finials come in a variety of common shapes including round, acorn, and square. Finials can also be highly customizable.


Corbels are decorative pieces of wood that help hold up a Truss. They can often be seen in churches as well as homes and can range from intricate and elaborate carvings to simpler designs.

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