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Wrought-Iron & Timber Horse Barn

By Sandy Connolly on April 07, 2014

Would you build a timber frame horse barn on your property? What if you  never planned on owning horses? I would! It would be an investment. Honestly, I don’t think that is what this particular client had in mind, but it makes sense to me.

This barn is completely fit up for horses. And by “fit up” I mean FIT UP. Let’s take a look!

Timber Frame Horse Barn

Timber Frame Horse Barn

The timber beams are native to New England. They are traditionally joined with rough sawn hemlock timbers.

Side note: Did you know that horses WILL chew on hemlock if they are bored enough, and, they really love to chew the pine. Horse Barn + Eastern White Pine = Don’t Do It.

Prettiest Horse Barn

Prettiest Horse Barn

The materials in this barn are amazing. Check out a picture with the horses in it!

Great picture found at

The brick work in the isle-way is stunning. The horses step up into the stalls, which I prefer, because if the brick continued into the stall space then rubber mats would be needed. That ledge will help keep the shavings from spilling all over the place.

Beautiful Brick Work

Beautiful Brick Work

I love the industrial lights. They remind me of fixtures offered by LSI Abolite, which I also love. The fixtures from LSI can take incandescent, compact fluorescent, or even HID (High Intensity Discharge).

LSI Abolite Standard Dome

Photo from

The hay loft door is just for style. There’s no hay loft in the barn.

Loafing Shed and Hay Door

Timber Frame Barn with Loafing Shed and Hay Door

The loafing sheds have dutch doors with black hardware. The brick work continues to the outside of the barn and is even the base for the posts.

Thank you for stopping by our timber framers blog! If you like this barn frame, or have any timber work questions, we encourage you to get in contact, ask an expert, or share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. emery morse says:

    Agree, horses need to be in this barn someday.

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