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Joinery Details

The element that most defines a timber framer is the quality, integrity and strength of the joints that hold the beams together. A properly made joint will stay tight for generations. All wooden beams will shrink and check as they dry, as this is part of the unique nature of timber framed buildings, but the joinery should account for these natural ways timber moves and remain in place and stay solid over time.

Joinery options range from traditional, all-wood joints to timber connections with steel plates and bolts.  Our traditional joints are pinned together using 1-inch hardwood pegs, with the geometry of the joint itself carrying  the structural load and the pegs holding the joint in place. When the spans are greater than 16 feet, steel is often required in order to meet building codes, but can be hidden or exposed depending on the owner’s preferences. When loads are extraordinarily large or when aesthetics call for it, we use heavy steel plates, rods & bolts. All of our joints undergo in-house engineering to confirm their strength and integrity.

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