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Vermont Timber Works is the industry leader in timber framing and post and beam construction since 1987. We began designing and building homes from start to finish, so we have a thorough knowledge of every aspect of construction. In 2000 we began focusing exclusively on manufacturing timber frames and post and beam structures for delivery nationwide in the USA and Canada. Recently we helped design a timber roof system for a resort in Belize, and look forward to working on more international projects. Much of our work is highly technical, with some structures as long as 80′, spanned by bold, heavy timber trusses, while smaller buildings may be elegantly crafted with graceful arches, curves and detailing.

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Collaborative Team

Our work is versatile, beautiful, strong and innovative. You’ll see that we create structures that are spacious or intimate, rustic or refined, public or private, for a broad range of uses and settings. Our philosophy is to  meet individual clients’ architectural needs. Collaborating throughout the process, we ensure that their requirements are met, their personal aesthetic articulated and their overall vision realized. After settling on a preliminary design, we will provide a 3D, computer generated model of your project for you to review prior to fabrication. You will see exactly where all the posts, beams and braces will go, as well as details such as joinery methods,  and how your project will look once completed. We pride ourselves in being a “hands-on” company, with all employees participating in various aspects of the process as a team, from design and engineering to fabrication and finally to raising the timbers.

Our timber frames can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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