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What In Your Line Would Come Closest To An Original Italian Style Farm House?

Asked by Gene on October 24, 2013

i am planning to build a italian style farm house with exposed ceiling trusses. i’ve noted that original homes from this period have a pitch of 4/12 and carry clay roof tiles.

my home will be 30 x 50. can you suggest what in your line would come closest to original farmhouses.

thank you,


Answered by Doug Friant

Dear Gene,

All of our work is custom designed, so we have many options to fit an Italian style farm house. My first thought is for a modified king post truss, however, a 4/12 roof pitch is relatively shallow, which would suggest a simple king post truss , perhaps with secondary rafters, like in this hammer beam design . The clay tile roof is fine, although we need to design for its weight. If you send the location of the house and a rough sketch of what you are thinking for the layout and design, we would be able to offer more suggestions.

Modified King Post Truss

Modified King Post Truss

italian farm house simple king post truss

Simple King Post Truss

Hammer Beam Design

Hammer Beam Design



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