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Basic Truss Styles

By Caitlin on January 05, 2018

The Truss is the heart of the timber frame and is functional as well as decorative. Our clients can choose their truss style based on their stylistic vision for their home and the load bearing requirements of their structure. Today we’re going to look at 4 basic styles of Trusses. There are more styles, variations, and modifications to these styles but these are where we usually begin.


King Post

The King Post Truss is one of our most popular and efficient Truss designs. When people think of Timber Framing, this is often the Truss style they visualize.

King Post Truss Design

King Post Truss Design

King Post Truss

Queen Post

The Queen Post gives a different style of visual appeal to the frame while still supporting the frame structurally.  One of the advantages of the Queen post is that it offers more usable space in the center.

Queen Post Truss Design

Queen Post Truss Design

Queen Post Truss

Scissor Truss

The Scissor Truss is aptly named because it looks like a pair of scissors opening, with bottom chords that crisscross each other.

Scissor Truss

Scissor Truss

Hammer Beam

The Hammer Beam Truss is one of the most striking and dramatic Trusses and provides a high ceiling with plenty of visual space.

Hammer Beam

Hammer Beam Truss


If you have any questions about any of these trusses or incorporating them into a project, submit a question on our ask the experts page or give us a call at our workshop.

About the Author


Caitlin is a writer and a full-time Marketing Assistant. She has worked at Vermont Timber Works since 2017.
  1. Teresa Dye says:

    I live in Monroe NC on 10 acres and I am looking to get information about building a large picnic shelter on the property and came across your website. I would like to get a little more information as we hold a lot of family gatherings and reunions here. It would be nice to have have something large enough for 125-150 people.

    How quickly are these built?
    How hardy is the wood from pest?
    Considering that we will probably want to put out in the field will we need electrical available?

    • Caitlin says:

      Hi Teresa,
      Thank you for your inquiry. I have forwarded your questions to our sales representative for NC who should be in touch with you shortly. If you’d like to speak to a sales representative on the phone to discuss your picnic shelter you can give us a call at 802-886-1917.

      Thank you!

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