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King & Queen Post Trusses

By Sandy Connolly on December 05, 2013

Hail to the King and Queen! 😉

The King Post Truss is straight forward and strong. A king post truss can usually be joined traditionally depending on the span and engineering.

In some cases, a king post truss does need to be reinforced with steel plates. The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory is an example of a frame with king post trusses reinforced with steel. Those trusses span 40ft!

Other times, clients choose to add steel plates to trusses for the look, even if they aren’t structurally necessary.

King Post Truss Design

King Post Truss Design

In the design below, the king post truss design has been modified. It has decorative curved braces.

Timber Frame Shade Shelter

Timber Frame Shade Shelter for Goliath Towers

Meet the Queen!

Queen Post Truss Design

Queen Post Truss Design

The Queen Post Truss is also straight forward and strong, and again, the braces can be curved or straight.

Queen Post Design for Sunny 95

Queen Post Design for Sunny 95

Queen Post on the Gable

Queen Post on the Gable

Do you prefer the King or Queen? I like them both.

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  1. Emery says:

    Queen on the gable, I agree!

  2. Kathy says:

    I see both King and Queen post truss style in the NH covered bridges I am visiting this year along with other styles of support. I found your site helpful in explaining why each style was chosen.

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