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What Light Through Yonder Timber Frame Breaks?

By Sue Baldwin on November 08, 2013

It is the east, and Vermont Timber Works is the sun!

Ok, so not really, but you have to admit, sun shining through beams is pretty poetic.


There is nothing more beautiful than entering a room with custom crafted timber beams adorning the walls and ceiling, and standing in the midst of the sun-filled space, completely in love with the aesthetics. A near Shakespearean moment for the home-owner, I’m sure.

Interior of Octagon Shaped Living Room with Red Pine Ceiling Beams

Main House – Interior of Octagon Shaped Living Room with Red Pine Ceiling Beams

Just look at how inviting this room is, with the sun peeking through the windows and the octagon shaped timber ceiling seeming to embrace the light.  The natural shading in the beams comes alive in a mesmerizing pattern of color and makes the room an irresistible temptation; impossible to pass by.

While standing in this moment, enraptured by the poetic romance of beams and light, you might just hear, if you listen, the words “Romeo, Romeo…where for art thou”?  And then you realize, your significant other has already been lured into this room by its magical warmth, and it wasn’t Romeo he was calling for….It was actually “Where’s the remote?”

Sigh….Don’t worry Juliet, we can add timbers to your kitchen as well!

timber framed kitchen

This next part isn’t very Shakespearean, but if you like the timber frame homes in this post (or poetry), we do encourage you to get in contact or share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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