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Custom Timber Frame Design: Louisiana Home

By Margaux Friant on February 08, 2016

Every Vermont Timber Works frame is custom. That means, as the client, you get to plan the shape of your frame, and decide on the wood species, the timber texture, the joinery style, and the truss design. Some of the design decisions are more complex than others and Derek and Sue, our sales reps, are skilled at working with clients throughout the entire process. This series of posts is going to cover, on a high level, design decisions that were made for 6 different custom timber frames. Check out more Custom Timber Frame Design posts here!┬áThis week’s post is for a home in Louisiana.

Pick Your:

  • Site Location
  • Wood Species
  • Timber Texture
  • Truss Design

Project Name:

Robinson Residence

Site Location:

Lake Charles, LA


Douglas Fir

Timber Wood Species Douglas Fir

Douglas fir is a strong timber with a beautiful grain. We get our douglas fir from a west coast supplier free of heart. Its color ranges from light red to pale yellow. The douglas fir timber in this home is uniquely stained different colors.


Semi Sanded

Wood Beam Texture Semi Sanded

The Robinson residence has semi-sanded timber. Semi-sanded timber is partially sanded with a belt sander. The saw marks from the mill and the character of the timber remain visible, but most of the roughness is removed and the beams wont splinter or collect dust.


Modified King Post

Timber Truss Designs King Posts

King posts are a common timber truss design. They are strong, cost effective, and can span large distances. The king posts in this home are modified.


custom timber frame louisiana home

The completed home has semi-sanded douglas fir timber and king post trusses.

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