State and National Park Timber Frames

Wood Frame Pavilions

Bold Post and Beam Buildings

Timber framing is an ideal design aesthetic and building method for spacious, inviting public gathering places at regional, state and federal parks. At Vermont Timber Works, we have designed, engineered and built handsome, durable structures that serve the needs of both local communities and long-distance travelers. Our bold post and beam buildings lend themselves to the scale and expansiveness of parks themselves, echoing the visual might of forests and the airy, light-filled expansiveness of meadows and lawns.

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With interiors that are welcoming and warm, constructed of strong, beautiful woods with dramatic angles that draw the eye upward, post and beam timber frames are an attractive and pragmatic way to create a structural centerpiece to any park environment.

Take a look at the selection of our projects to the right, which illustrate the scope of solutions that we provide for a broad range of public park settings. Our projects span the country and include the Walt Whitman Historic Site in New York, Fort Harrison Park in Indiana, Fort Necessity in Pennsylvania, The D&R Canal in New Jersey, Sam’s Point Visitor’s Center in Upstate NY and Fontainbleu State Park in Louisiana. We are valued for our versatility and vision, and will create any type of building that a park requires:

As with all of our structures, when designing park projects we take great care in creating harmony with the environment. Though they serve an important utilitarian public service, they are aesthetically graceful, bringing in light from the outside and integrating the openness of the outdoors into an inviting structure where people can gather comfortably.

We work with landscape architects, gardeners, civic engineers and city planners, and will deliver a 3D, rotatable, computer generated model of your project for you to review and approve prior to fabrication.

We are known for our top-notch customer service, fair prices, and flexibility in working with every level of government office in order to ensure the highest-quality end result. Vermont Timber Works is the team you need for your park project. Give us a call at (802)886-1917 or contact us online today, so we can talk about your project!

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