Timber Frame Projects

Pergolas, Boat Houses, & Entry Ways

Timber Frame Projects

Many folks think timber frames are only used for interior spaces, such as homes, businesses, barns, churches and community centers. They are also ideal for outdoor locations and can augment any garden, entrance, dock, public park, walkway or transportation hub.

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When you scroll through these images, you’ll see features and detailing—such as custom scrollwork, elegant columns and architectural genres—that can instill a distinct historical look in your garden, lakeside property, walkway or riverbank:

Harmonious with the environment, aesthetically beautiful and serving a utilitarian purpose, timber frames can be the perfect solution to a number of unique open air needs, even as an elegant armature for vines and creeping flowers. We will work with landscape architects, gardeners, civic engineers and city planners, always creating a 3D, rotatable, computer generated model of your project for you to review, prior to fabrication.

With outstanding customer service and fair prices as well, Vermont Timber Works is the team you need for your outdoor project, no matter where you are located. We deliver nationwide. Call us at (802)886-1917 or contact us online today!

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