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Ceiling Beams for Churches & Chapels

Beautiful Sacred Spaces

Churches, monasteries and chapels—with high ceilings and broad empty spaces above pews, alters, transepts and arched windows—are ideal settings for the graceful warmth and visual might of timber framing. For more than 25 years, Vermont Timber Works has been hand-crafting exquisite wooden beams which serve to accentuate the vertical lines that characterize houses of worship, helping to lead the eye, and spirit, upward. With sensitivity and an open, collaborative approach, we design and fabricate the most appropriate timber framing styles for each specific structure, keeping in mind its many potential uses and the variety of events that will take place therein. We know that intimate gatherings, such as baptisms, should not be overpowered by the surroundings but that celebratory moments like weddings require a certain amount of elegance and grandeur as well.

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Design Options

Whether you are building a new church and want to include rough-hewn beams or you’d like to have tasteful timber trusses installed in a long-established sacred structure, Vermont Timber Works will create the overall impact you seek. In addition to enhancing the atmosphere of the nave itself, we make timber frames and beams that creatively augment vestibules, entrances, community rooms and pergolas.

Collaborative Process

Architects often come to us early on in the design process for structural suggestions that will help them select and engineer the right timber frame for their project. We offer a versatile range of church designs that can be customized to fit any aesthetic—ancient or contemporary, elaborate or simple, bold or delicate. After a collaborative design process, we will provide a 3D, rotatable, computer generated model of your church timber frame project for you to review prior to fabrication. No matter what the specifics, the result will be a timeless, handsome and extremely well-crafted architectural feature that will add spatial complexity to the building and inspire your congregation.

Customer Service

To find out how Vermont Timber Works can help beautify and strengthen your place of worship, take a look at some of our projects and call us at (802)886-1917 or contact us online today. Customers value us for our high-caliber workmanship, the best timber available, outstanding customer service and competitive pricing. Delivery and installation nationwide. Our frames can be shipped to Canada or anywhere in the world.

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