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Timber Frame Schools, Museums and Centers

Large buildings that see heavy traffic on a daily basis need to be functional, durable and weather-tight. When they are used for educational or cultural institutions, aesthetic beauty and warmth is top priority as well, so that students, museum goers or members of the general public will feel both inspired and comfortable. Timber framing is the ideal option for schools, museums, community centers because they satisfy all of these requirements, in one spacious, inviting and versatile structure.

Design & Engineering

Vermont Timber Works designs, engineers and constructs a broad range of post and beam buildings for public school districts, private colleges, municipalities and non-profit organizations.

Reach Vermont Timber Works now by calling (802)886-1917 or contacting us online.

Bold, Versatile Post and Beam Public Buildings

Take a look at the project portfolios to the right and you’ll get a sense of how well-suited our welcoming, dramatic and airy interiors are for structures that serve large groups. The possibilities are endless:

We Work With You

On every project, we will work directly with architects, project managers, civic engineers, city planners and interior designers, In addition, we always deliver a 3D, rotatable, computer generated model of your project for you to review and approve prior to fabrication.

Customer Service

Valued for our outstanding customer service, fair prices and flexibility, Vermont Timber Works is the solution you need. Call us today at (802)886-1917 or contact us online—we want to hear about your project!

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