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Timber Frame Engineering

Timber Frame Engineering

By Sandy Connolly on July 21, 2014

There are endless ways to design a timber frame!  For each design, there are certain things an engineer has to think about. Some designs give the engineer A LOT to think about. At Vermont Timber Works, we love a challenge.  We design, engineer, evaluate, and detail every timber joint. We […]

Steel Gusset Plate Detail and Glulam Beams in the 57 State Street Restaurant

Laminated Timber

By Sandy Connolly on July 14, 2014

Laminated? Glue what? But why? Well, let us tell you about laminated timbers. Natural timber can almost always be used in typical residential timber framing. There are wood species available in the sizes needed to pass engineering codes and to get the preferred look. Commercial timber framing with large clear […]

The Dovetail Joint: A Traditional Timber Connection

The Dovetail Joint: A Traditional Timber Connection

By Margaux Friant on July 03, 2014

A timber frame can seem complicated, but really it’s just like a big 3 dimensional puzzle with different shaped pieces that fit together. In order to better understand the big puzzle (a timber frame), I thought it might be fun to find out more about its specific parts. The first […]

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